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High Street Board School in East Stonehouse, run by the East Stonehouse School Board, was erected around 1878 at a cost of 5,150.

In 1888 the Master was Mr Thomas White, the Mistress, Miss Annie Hockaday while Miss Emma Chaff was in charge of the infants' school.

Immediately behind this building the East Stonehouse School Board erected a separate building as a boys' school.  This was opened on Monday January 7th 1895.  The site was purchased from Lord Mount Edgcumbe for the sum of 500.   This enabled some 'wretched cottages' on the main road to be demolished and a wonderful new playground running right down to the edge of Stonehouse Creek was provided, complete with sheds in case of inclement weather.  The whole development cost about 5,000 and included what the press described as a 'pretentious entrance' beneath an archway.  The old building was allotted to the girls and the infants.

The limestone building, with its brick dressings, was constructed by Mr T May of Plymouth to the designs of the Board's architect, Mr H J Snell (1843-1924).  The interior was of polished pitch pine.

By 1902, just before it ceased to be a Board school, there were 200 girls and 220 infants attending classes provided by Miss Mary Turner and Miss Emma Chaff respectively while 350 boys attended Mr White's part of the School.

Following the transfer of responsibility for education from the East Stonehouse School Board to the Devon County Education Authority in 1903, this became the High Street County Elementary School.